Everything We Do is in The Pursuit of the Perfect Brick

Bowral Bricks has a proud history of brickmaking spanning over 100 years.

Our Story

Bowral Bricks was founded in 1922 at the edge of the township of Bowral, a historic gem in the heart of NSW's Southern Highlands.

Bowral dry pressed bricks set the standard in building products, by blending traditional craftsmanship with advanced production technology. Because they come from the earth, Bowral dry pressed bricks reflect the rich colours of Australian landscapes.

Bowral dry pressed bricks are highly desirable to architects and builders, as well as homeowners and renovators seeking expressive interiors and exteriors. These premium quality bricks accentuate the distinctive look of heritage and federation buildings as well as modern, sleek designs with authentic colours in a range of profiles and custom shapes.

Because of this adaptability, Bowral Bricks is a proud multi award winner of the Horbury Hunt Award for excellence in brickwork.

Bowral Bricks is owned by Brickworks Ltd: Australia's leading manufacturer of quality clay building products.

What does it take to build an icon?

For more than a hundred years, Bowral Bricks has helped Australia's architects and builders turn vision into reality.



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Recognised globally as leading manufacturers of quality building products, we lead through style and product innovation, creating materials for beautiful environments.